Thursday, August 18, 2016

4 Nights in Oslo, Norway

While most Europeans travel to the Mediterranean to bake in the sun during summer vacation, we really wanted to head north to cooler weather. No air conditioning at work or at home left us feeling clammy and grumpy (well, speaking for myself!), so we really enjoyed days in the 70’s in Norway.
Oslo is a walk-able city, with historic buildings, old and new ships, green spaces, and modern conveniences (shops, restaurants, speedy trains, etc.). We took a boat tour along the city coastline and down a fjord similar to the one outside of Stockholm. The Peace Museum highlighted the struggle for freedoms worldwide. We found a small vegetarian café behind City Hall, and I attended a super yoga class 1 metro stop outside of downtown.
We took a train ride to Lillehammer for one day, with amazing scenery during the 2 hours each way. It’s definitely worth a day trip during the summer… we heard that there is much more tourism during the winter months in Norway! Anyway, we went to a historic outdoor museum where we saw log cabins and talked with interpreters about life in the olden days. I am so grateful for my vacuum cleaner, microwave, and washing machine!
We rode the hop-on-hop-off bus through the suburbs to the polar ship (Fram) museum, which was very interesting. We had a nice lunch in the restaurant of the Opera House lobby, which looks like an iceberg (the Opera House, not the lobby or the restaurant).   
There is much more to see in Norway, and we recommend it highly. Here is a fish "sandwich"- you can see the full grain slice of bread on the bottom, with beets, herring, and potato. Insanely delicious!

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